Hi, I’m Deirdre Jones! My closest friends call me Dee Dee or simply Dee. I’m a professional freelance writer and content marketing specialist. There i nothing I enjoy more than helping small businesses and startups breathe new life into their content through the power of the written word.

But, let’s just take a moment to talk about you…

If you’re like many small business owners or stressed-out bloggers, you know it’s difficult to find enough hours in the day to complete all the must-do tasks that are required to take your business to the next level. At the end of the day, you often find that you’re just too tired to update web content or create another blog post. There are tons of other things that take priority.

You realize you need to overhaul your web content, create next week’s newsletter, write that white paper or report, but where will you find the time? It’s very easy to become overwhelmed.

That’s why you need someone like me…

Don’t waste another minute struggling to produce content. Let me take care of all your writing needs while you focus on other aspects of running your business. Forget about stressing over whether your subject and verb agree or if you’ve spelled that word correctly.

Hire me to craft winning content for all your projects. I’ve been consistently creating professional content for more than five years.

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