Make your first affiliate sale on Pinterest in 24 hours or less

Learn how to use the power of Pinterest to make affiliate sales on your blog or website.

Are you wondering how to make an affiliate sale on Pinterest? I was too. That’s when l I came across an ebook that claimed I could make my first affiliate sale in only 24 hours.

When I first came across the How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours by House of Brazen, the skeptic in me was on high alert. I mean, you’ve got to be pretty darn brazen (pun intended) to make a claim like that.

I’ve been involved in Internet marketing a long time and I’ve come across literally hundreds of online courses, ebooks, and videos, many of them making outrageous claims and capitalizing on on the naivete and/or desperation of others wishing to start an online business or work from home. So yeah, I was calling B.S.

I’m not saying that making your first affiliate sale in 24 hours is impossible, it’s just that it is not as easy or simple as some folks make it sound. However, I’m curious by nature, and the course is a mere $25. So I said, “What the heck? I’ll try it out and let others know how it went.

First, this is definitely not a “get rich quick” type of ebook, so if that’s what you’re hoping for, just click away right now.  With that being said, here are my honest thoughts on the course.

How It Works

Elise takes you through a step-by-step process of making your first affiliate sale in 24 hours using Pinterest. The guide starts with an over of affiliate marketing and some recommended resources. It goes on to teach you the proper way of setting of your Pinterest profile, which I believe is essential to the strategy outlined in this course.

She walks you through the basics and then goes on to teach you how to craft the perfect pin for this strategy. Don’t worry, you won’t need any complicated graphics software. The free version of Canva works just fine for this process. She teaches you what images and which types of fonts work best.

Once you’re done crafting your perfect Pinterest image, Elise walks you through the proper process of uploading and filling out the details for your pin. She then goes into how to pin to your boards and other boards. At this point, you are well on your way to securing your first affiliate sale via Pinterest.

What Are My Thoughts?

So, does this strategy work? Yes, it does. And it will work with virtually any niche if you’re strategic and creative about pinning.

Now, what are my thoughts? Well, the guide does cover a lot of basics, but the included strategy is sound. If you are a seasoned pinner, you will likely have seen a lot of what is covered. However, that DOES NOT mean that you cannot learn a thing or two, especially if you’re not making any sales or affiliate sales. By the way, this strategy would work for your own products as well.

Do I recommend the guide? Yes, I definitely recommend it if you’re struggling with Pinterest as an avenue for sales. You can pick up How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours by clicking here.

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  1. I didn’t know affiliate sales are possible to do on Pinterest! Sounds really fantastic! Thanks you 🙂

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